Sunday, November 15, 2009

More About Informed Choices

Hello All,

I hope you and your children enjoyed Halloween, (if you celebrate it), and that this Holiday season finds you and your family in good health and spirits. If you are looking for an outing that the entire family can enjoy, consider Sensory Saturday at the Movies at the Canby Cinema8 movie theater. Saturday, November 21st will mark the first run of this event, where children are free to walk around, sounds are lowered, and lights are turned on low. See the flyer (above link) for more details!

On a different level, I promised you more information about Informed Consent and vaccinations. Below is a link to Dr. Mercola (D.O.) interviewing Dr. Palevsky (M.D., Pediatrician) about many aspects of vaccinations. Although a lengthy interview, I thought it well worth the time invested. Please note that my posting this interview is NOT an attempt to encourage or discourage vaccinations. It is an attempt to provide information to help you in your decision making process. I believe that choosing none, one, or all vaccinations is a personal decision. In Latin, the word doctor (Docere) is defined as "teacher"; thus, it is part of my role as doctor to provide education about medical and health related issues. If you are interested in listening to this intriguing interview, click on the link below:

On yet a different level, I found the following video in the Defeat Autism Now! archives, and was truly touched by Dr. Levinson's message. I believe that it is an important video for parents to watch. To view it, (about 40 minutes), click on the link below:
Tools and Strategies to Survive the Diagnosis, and Thrive Through the Recovery of an Affected Child

Thank you for your presence in my life. I wish you and your family Health, Happiness, and Harmony this Holiday season, and always.

Julie Glass, ND