Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Camps, Special Furniture, And More!

Hello All,

I would like to thank all of the hard working folks who created the amazing 2009 Oregon Disability MegaConference. I was honored to speak, and my presentation on autism was extremely well received! The MegaConference was filled with wonderful people - a diverse group of organizations, providers, and participants - all of whom have an interest in folks with different abilities. For instance, I met Robb Bokich, who creates Autism & Special Needs Furniture.

After becoming disabled at 16 years of age, Robb began creating furniture to provide him with the support that he needed. What started out as a small venture has turned into a successful business. Look for the new "hug chair" in my office! Also, visit Our Creative Minds for educational and fun toys for the child with different needs. Our Creative Minds contributes 100% of the profits from certain items to specific charities!

On a different note, please take a few moments and click on and fill out the 2009-2010 Disability Community Needs Survey. Your input will effect where valuable funds are allocated!

Lastly, kids love camps, and financial assistance is available! Investigate the scholarships at Adventures Without Limits,

and consider the Sensory Camp in Vancouver, Washington, through Vancouver Parks & Recreation. The contact for the Sensory Camp is Theresa Williamson, and her phone number is 360 487-7060. And don't forget to protect your kids with sunscreen! The Environmental Working Group has just published its list of recommendations.

Dr. Julie

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