Monday, May 18, 2009

Autism Awareness Month Revisited

Spring has arrived, and the chirping birds, warm sun, and budding greenery bring peace deep inside my heart. One of my favorite things to do is lie outside and allow my face and feet to decadently soak in ten minutes of sunshine; the sun's warmth renews my physical, emotional, and spiritual being. I am repeatedly amazed with how such a small effort of self-care brings such rich layers of peace to my core.

This renewal is especially welcome after participating in several wonderful events in April, Autism Awareness month. Together, we (caring people - yourself included!), raised thousands of dollars for autism education, legislation, support, and much more! Here are some pictures that reflect the fun:

Approximately 4,000 people attended the Walk-A-Thon at Oaks Park! We filled the 2,500 vehicle parking lot and caused a back-up of cars across the Sellwood Bridge!

The morning of the Walk-A-Thon volunteers unpacked and sorted thousands of tee shirts for the participants. Thank you, volunteers!

Anna Dvortcsak, Speech and Language Therapist (left) and Barbara Avila, M.S., RDI Therapist, plan and organize before the Walk begins.

After the Walk, many participants enjoy the rides at Oaks Park, with their discounted tickets!

For those of us who cannot tolerate all of that spinning around, a trolley ride is key!

At the Autism Ball - Stephanie Gorman (Socialkraft), Kim Kauffman (Northwest Autism Foundation), and myself (Dr. Julie) enjoy the festivities at the Melody Ballroom. Thank you to the organizers, participants, and volunteers of this event - together we are making a difference in the lives of families living with autism. And thank you to all of you who have received this e-mail and have touched my life - I am richer to know you.

Julie Glass, ND